The tires that fit on our vehicles’ rims are integral to normal operation. They help extend the lives of our wheels and vehicles as whole machines, they make rides smoother, keep us on the roadway, and prevent us from skidding out when wet spots of road are reached.

Tire tread or the patterns cut into their surface, are the most important part of these rubber godsends. Although tires last a while, you should make sure tread is of a sufficient level on a monthly basis. If tread is shorter than 4/32 inches in length, you need to get new tires.

You can check the length of tread by using a depth gauge, or you can insert a quarter, head facing downwards, into the tread. If the head of the presidential figure isn’t covered by the tread, you need a brand new set of tires. The length measured by the head is 4/32 inches.

Reach out to us at Shore Toyota to have professionals put your new tires on.

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