Having a flat tire can be an incredibly frustrating, not to mention potentially dangerous, experience. A good spare tire can truly be a lifesaver in emergency situations and help you get off the highway and to a shop safely. However, a spare is not meant to be driven for longer than is absolutely necessary.

All compact replacement tires, or spare tires, come with strict mileage and speed limitations. While it can be tempting to put off that new tire purchase and drive around the spare, you are putting yourself and others at risk. Full-size tires are much bigger than spare tires, they also have a wider footprint and deeper tread. All factors that make them safe to drive.

Do not put your vehicle or your life at risk by driving on a spare longer than necessary. Not only that, what if the spare or another tire gets a flat and your spare is already in use? That could result in an expensive tow. Bring your vehicle into Shore Toyota in Mays Landing to have a new full-size tire put on today.

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