What's Important About a Car's Timing Belt?

The timing belt is a critical part of a car's engine. That's because the engine wouldn't be able to run without it. When a timing belt wears out, the engine will run poorly, and when the belt breaks, the engine will stall and refuse to start.

What does the timing belt do that makes it so important? Modern engines have two shafts that spin: a crankshaft and a camshaft. These shafts move the pistons and valves as fuel enters the combustion chambers, ignites, and exhaust is let out. The timing belt ties these two shafts together and turns them in precise unison.

Here at Shore Toyota, our experienced technicians can take a look at your car's timing belt and make sure it doesn't need to be replaced. Bring your car to our location in Mays Landing or call to make an appointment to have it serviced.

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