Take a Ride in the New Sporty Toyota CH-R near Philadephia

The new Toyota CH-R is a uniquely designed compact SUV that will give you the feel of an SUV with the look of a sportscar. The small wonder made it to 13th place on the US News site for its high reliability and performance scores. Consumers love that it has a generous number of tech features and gracefully nimble handling. Here's some additional information about it for your review. We at Shore Toyota want you to know that you're stepping into something amazing if you opt to purchase this vehicle.

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As Reliable as They Get

A car's reliability score is a significant number because it tells you what you can expect from it. The scoring authorities, such as JD Power, use a variety of factors to determine the reliability score. One of those factors is the average repair cost and frequency. In the end, the score tells the prospective buyer if it's wise to invest in the vehicle. JD Power gave the 2020 CH-R a rating of four stars out of five. That means that you can count on it to be a positive investment for you. The chances of experiencing a lot of mechanical problems are low. You can also expect it to have high resale value if you should want to sell it at any time.

Fuel-Efficient and Fast

Now, let's look at the CH-R's performance information. Two things that you want out of a new SUV are power and efficiency. The manufacturer blended both of those aspects into the perfect machine. The base model comes with a robust 2.0-liter motor that cranks out 144 horsepower.

Furthermore, the fuel efficiency numbers are high. You can get 31 miles on the highway and 27 miles in the city from this model. That means it will be the perfect ride for weekend trips from Turnersville to Atlantic City. Come to our dealership near Vineland and see for yourself.

Safe for Everyone

The safety features are abundant in this vehicle. You can rest assured that your family and friends will be safe behind the wheel because of the technology. We can only tell about some of the safety features it has because the list is pervasive. Some of the most powerful features you'll have for your protection are features such as Brake Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, Traction Control, and Child Safety Locks.

Full of Fun Tech

If tech is what you're looking for, you'll be pleased with the CH-R. Toyota made sure they packed it with plenty of technology so that you and your passengers could have lots of fun inside the vehicle. Some of the key tech features that you will enjoy are features such as Wireless Cell Phone Hookup, Smart Device Integration, Wi-Fi Hotspot, and Satellite Radio. The model has more features for you to enjoy, but you have to visit our dealership to experience the joy of all of them.

An Unmatchable Design

The design is one of the elements that make the CH-R stand out in the crowd of SUVs. Its hybrid design is like no other vehicle in the industry. At first glance, you'll think it's a sports car. Then you'll realize how magnificently strong and sturdy its build is as an SUV. From top to bottom, this vehicle is built to dazzle its onlookers. The key exterior features are its rear spoiler, sporty grille, and captivating steel wheels. The choice of exterior colors is everything but boring. You can choose from options such as Blue Eclipse Metallic, Supersonic Red, Black Sand Pearl, and Blizzard Pearl.

Those are just a few of the fantastic points about the CH-R. Visit us in our Mays Landing dealership so one of our professionals can take you on a trip in it. One of these great models is destined to be yours.