We Have an Exciting Line-up of 2020 Toyota Vehicles Left

We at Shore Toyota Inc. are very excited to work with the Mays Landing and Turnersville area. The Toyota line is reliable and sure to get you a great vehicle you can trust.

Today, the line-up of Toyota vehicles includes the Yaris, the Corolla, the ever-popular Camry, the Prius, the Avalon, and the Supra; trucks include the Tacoma and the Tundra; crossovers and Sports Utility Vehicles include the C-HR, RAV4, the Highlander, the 4Runner, the Sequoia, and the Land Cruiser. Check out which awesome 2020 models are left in stock.

2020 Toyota Model Sale | Mays Landing


The Yaris is the smallest Toyota car. It promises fuel efficiency and practicality. There is a hybrid version of the Yaris, and a hatchback exists as well. There are five Yaris trim levels: the L, the LE, the XLE, the LE Hatchback, and the XLE Hatchback. Although the Yaris is compact, it possesses a roomy interior that will get you where you're going in style.

The Corolla is the next in the line of Toyota cars. It is a mid-size between the Yaris and the Camry. It is available as a sedan, but a special SE edition is the Nightshade edition, which features a blacked-out Corolla with black-painted alloy wheels. The Corolla is perfect for the young adult just starting out, but it is also great for those with long commutes.

The Camry is one of the most popular cars on the road today! With six trim levels, you'll always be riding in style. Although it is considered a mid-size sedan, the Camry offers plenty of room for both the driver and passengers.

The Prius is the hybrid car offered by Toyota. It boasts up to 60 mpg, so those with long commutes or those who like to travel will enjoy fuel efficiency in this car. Unlike other electric cars, the Prius can be charged in your own garage. This makes fuel efficiency affordable. The Avalon is the top of the line as far as Toyota cars are concerned. It is built based on the Camry's frame, only larger. The Avalon offers luxury in style.


The Toyota line of trucks include the Tacoma and the Tundra. The Tacoma is considered a mid-size truck, and the Tundra is a full-size truck. Both can be outfitted for outdoor adventure, and both are capable at hauling and towing cargo.


The Toyota inventory of crossovers and Sports Utility Vehicles is rather lengthy! They include the C-HR, RAV4, the Highlander, the 4Runner, the Sequoia, and the Land Cruiser. The C-HR is one of the newer crossover vehicles in the Toyota inventory. It is small, but that won't stop you from getting where you need to go. This crossover is fuel efficient and surprisingly roomy inside!

The RAV4 is another of the Toyota crossover vehicles. It seats five, and it offers all the amenities of a Camry or the Avalon. Safety is key with the RAV4; you'll enjoy Toyota Safety Sense at every trim level of the RAV4. The Highlander is the mid-size Sports Utility Vehicle of the Toyota inventory. It seats between five and seven. It is slightly larger than the RAV4, and it is also capable of towing cargo should you choose add-on packages that are available.

The 4Runner is a bit sportier when compared to the Highlander; it is available to be outfitted with four-wheel drive. It is also great at towing, and third row seats allow for putting cargo inside the cabin as you travel. The Sequoia and Land Cruiser are the full-size SUVs in the Toyota family. They are considered luxury vehicles among the Toyota Sports Utility choices. They seat seven to nine, and they also feature third-row seating.

Reach out to us today to schedule a test drive of any of these great models that we have left in stock. We are excited to work with the Mays Landing, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City areas to find a great Toyota at a competitive price.